Welcome to Insight into Aid in Danger

Over the last decade, humanitarian work has grown in scale and effectiveness. This has helped to decrease the civilian death toll from war, armed conflict and disasters and has generally contributed to the protection of civilians. At the same time, violence, insecurity, threats and deliberate obstructions are increasingly recognised as constraints to further assistance.

The Aid in Danger project collects information on events that interfere with the delivery of humanitarian aid from open sources and confidential contributions from humanitarian agencies. Available information is presently available in the form of eight world maps, monthly news briefs and monthly statistics reports and thematic reports. The site also provides information on subthemes such as the impact of explosive weapons on the delivery of aid and attacks on healthcare..

The work is inspired by the concepts discussed in the book Aid in Danger by Larissa Fast. We have published some of our thoughts on humanitarian security management on the EISF blog.

We work closely with three regional humanitarian coordination bodies, the European Interagency Security Forum (EISF), InterAction in the US and Canadian Interagency Security Advisory Forum (CISAF)

We hope that this information will help policy makers to address these issues to allow agencies to reach beneficiaries in need in safety.