Aid in Danger is a project jointly managed by Christina Wille, of Insecurity Insight, based in Switzerland, and Larissa Fast.

The project is founded on the belief that evidence should inform sound decision-making.

The Aid in Danger project collects data on any event negatively affecting the delivery of aid, including threats and incidents of violence against aid workers and aid agencies. It makes information and analysis available to security officers and policy makers. The project works with those campaigning for the protection of health care.

Larissa Fast’s book, called Aid in Danger: The Promise and Perils of Humanitarianism (University of Pennsylvania Press 2014), discusses the causes of violence against aid workers and aid agencies and their responses to the violence.

Aid in Danger is a not-for-profit project and has received support from the following sources:




Christina Wille

Christina Wille

Director of Insecurity Insight

Larissa Fast Research Fellow, Institute for International Humanitarian Action, Fordham University more
Monthly News Brief Researcher

James Naudi

Monthly News Brief researcher  

Confidential reports officer

Helen Buck

Confidential reports officer  


Kyle Vella

Data processor


Daniya Baisubanova

Data processor