Aid Security Digests

Insecurity Insight produces the following quarterly and monthly products. You can download these below.

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The Aid in Danger Monthly News Brief

A monthly digest of open source reported events that affect the delivery of aid. It covers reported events where staff was hurt or threatened, events where infrastructure was damaged, stolen or interfered with and contexts where access was hindered by the security context or deliberate action.

Available since October 2014

The Aid in Danger Incident Statistics

A one pager of trend statistics based on open source reported events published in the Aid in Danger Monthly News Brief. Where available, the data is updated with information not available at the time of publication of the Monthly News Brief. It covers severe events (in which staff were killed, injured or kidnapped), aid infrastructure events (infrastructure damaged, lost or stolen), administrative decisions (denial of access), aid worker arrests and detentions, security measures (the impact of security measures on access) and perpetrators of security incidents.

Available since October 2015

Confidential Agency Incident Analysis

In 2015 we produced two pilot studies to see how the pattern of humanitarian security incidents varied between incidents reported in open sources and those recorded on a confidential basis by humanitarian agencies. The document provide an overview of main trends and discusses selected issues or country contexts.

A one pager summarising the full confidential agency incident reports, which highlights only the key trends is available here.