World Maps – Events that impact on the delivery of humanitarian aid

The Aid in Danger World Maps show the countries where open sources reported events that interfere with the delivery of humanitarian aid covering an 18 months period from January 2015 to June 2016.

  • The first four maps cover severe events, – incidents in which a staff member was killed, kidnapped, injured or assaulted.
  • The fifth and sixth show damage or loss to humanitarian infrastructure and damage or destruction of hospitals by explosive weapons.
  • The sevenths map illustrates detention or arrests of aid workers.
  • The final map shows countries where humanitarian agencies believe that a law hinders their independent work in some form.

Data collection is ongoing and maps will be updated. Data as of 15 July 2016.

Severe Map

Killed Map


Injuries and Assaults Map

Infrastructure Map

Hospitals Map

Detention Map

Admin Map